Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kaliforniai kitalalos 5

Ujra jelentkezik a Kaliforniai kitalalos. Most ez egy konnyu, de internetes rigofuttyot azert kap az aki megmondja milyen faj van a kepen.
A pokokat (elso ketto kepen him, a masodik ketton nosteny van) a Golden Gate parkban, tolgyfan fogtam. (koszonet Darrell Ubicknek)

This is the fifth round of the Californian Guesspider. These spiders (first two images depict a male, the rest is a female) have been caught in the Golden Gate Park, on Oaktrees, thanks to Darrell Ubick). Which species is this?

ENGLISH RULES: Everyone can play. Post your guess as a comment, but please mention at least one reason (preferably a morphological landmark/character) why you got to that conclusion. Without a reason your guess is invalid. If you're 10000000% sure and you don't want to ruin the fun for the others please send the an email to tszuts [at] gmail [dot] com.

Mivel ez konnyu ezert barmikor johet a tipp. Megoldas hetfon (majus 31) kora este.

You have time until Monday evening 31st of May.

A helyes megfejtes: Nigma linsdalei / The right answer is: Nigma linsdalei [nem erkezett megfejtes, igy most nem toltok meg el plussz 40 percet az illusztralt megoldasi utvonalra] Bonusz kepek a klikk utan... mert Nigma mar volt a blogon is. Az apropokon elofordulo Nigma es egyeb hamvaspokfajok :
Nigma flavescens

Fince fotoja
Nigma walckenaeri

Nigma linsdalei

Szuts Tamas fotojaSzuts Tamas fotoja
Szuts Tamas fotoja
Szuts Tamas fotoja Egyeb Hamvaspokok:
Hamvaspok :D

Szuts Tamas fotoja


google said...

I don't see any comments, yet, so will post mine (similar to what I already posted at bugguide.org):

I think that it is not so difficult to recognize that the species belongs to the Dictynidae family (it has that certain 'fuzzy' dictynid quality), and I will point out as a hint that this spider has a rather similar European cousin.

-Kevin Pfeiffer

Szűts Tamás said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for the hint. Apparently nobody was guessing the identity of the spider, although this little greeny had been shown already here, in the blog.

Anyway I could confirm the ID at the bugguide.net, since this is the only Nigma appears here. To be 100% of course one need to remove the male palps and check it under a microscope ;)

Ken said...

Hi! Thanks for this blog post - which helped me identify the bugguide spider! :) There is indeed a palp photomicrograph at that link now - I think it's a good match to this species.

Ken said...
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Szűts Tamás said...

Hi Ken, happy to help out.
A small note: only ultimate males have the different carapace color, even penultimate specimens are fully green. The specimen depicted here, has been caught in penultimate stage, and has been molted. As soon I have time I'll put those images as well.